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Job title: The sales manager
Working place Nature of work hiring Gender requirements wages
luoyang full-time 2 Don't limit 4000
Valid term Work experience Degree required Language ability  
30days More than 2 years Undergraduate course English  
The job description
1. Responsible for the distribution and direct sales of the company's products in the area of work. 
2. Responsible for the area in view of the customer product publicity and promotion. 
3. Collecting and organizing this regional market situation, build customer file. 
4. Coordinate and maintain the relationships with customers in the area.

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above;
2. Have good organization and coordination ability, good at communicate with people; Have the team cooperation consciousness;
3. Good at challenge well-paid, passionate, diligent, pragmatic, has a good sense of customer service and work attitude
4. Have good language expression ability. 5. To recruit graduates.

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