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Luoyang flag day technology co., LTD. Founded in 1986, is devoted to the study of the "luoyang san cai" and three-color art heritage and development. In succession on the basis of traditional craft, innovative efforts to develop "san cai art" three new technology of colored glaze painting, producing more than one hundred large mural, wall act the role ofing, hanging thousands of painting, his paintings have won many prizes in the domestic and international.

Company is currently the number of on-the-job worker 100 more than person. Successively developed a group of outstanding san cai process technicians and four provincial arts and crafts master, become the central academy of arts and crafts (now) of tsinghua university academy of fine arts, China academy of fine arts, jingdezhen ceramic institute, luoyang normal college and so on many college students to visit the communication practice base.

Successful design fire from 1987 the first "san cai art" large murals, knowledge education, to the 1998 fire out of the world's longest "san cai art mural" the dharmadhatu far flow graph, in 2007, the world's largest "san cai art mural" beautiful ", "2008 attended the world handicraft congress on behalf of the Chinese and international ceramic art

conference" bird's nest "was awarded the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization 43rd international ceramic art conference of the international ceramic art academy gold prize, was named" Chinese arts and crafts exhibition ", 2009 "san cai art works are the only" Chinese language "into the" show "2009" world &news center area, until the design fire 2010 Shanghai world expo's largest arts and crafts "san cai art murals in the origin of cities of the nations. san cai art works "yun tang" won "the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization the world outstanding handicrafts badge"; san cai art works "travel" 2011 "golden phoenix" innovative product design grand prix gold medal, the cloth tiger won the 2011 "hundred flowers cup" Chinese arts and crafts boutique bonus prize, the work of "terrace" into the exhibition held in Paris, France the Louvre "international cultural heritage exhibition"; In 2012 "Zhou Qi" won the national handicraft souvenirs "golden phoenix" innovation design competition gold medal, "reed" won the second session of the national award for "the earth" ceramic works competition gold medal, "dawn" won the 2013 "hundred flowers cup" China arts and crafts competition gold award; Luoyang day flag industrial co., LTD. In a number of international and domestic award "san cai art crafts.