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"san cai art" is "luoyang san cai art" development to today's representative, is on the basis of traditional craft, with modern art gimmick, adopt unique glazing and firing techniques to create the ceramic art. "san cai  art" from the ancient "luoyang san cai  art" several kinds of glaze, the development of today's hundreds of rich glazes, can show a variety of subject matter and artistic technique, its colorful, melt infiltration, in ceramic field of the world, of its own. "Three-color art" style diversity, from all kinds of souvenirs to the indoor and outdoor decorative arts, is the modern environmental art rare choice. Can produce exquisite carvings of small piece, but also create a clumsy uninhibited belly, also can use the flow of the glaze, fired from an copy of kiln products. Is known as China ceramic art treasures.

For more than 20 years, "san cai  art crafts" successively won the gold medal of the UNESCO international ceramic art academy, the world handicraft council gold medal, China arts and crafts baihua cup gold medal, the Chinese arts and crafts original design gold award, golden phoenix co fire skills contest gold prize of Chinese history, China's tourism craft art design competition gold medal, China arts and crafts baihua cup the best creative award and so on many international and domestic awards, are exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Western Europe, Canada, the United States and other markets at home and abroad, widely at home and abroad customers high praise and appreciation.